About me

Life takes us to perform acts with passion, desire, madness. Just why it is that I am a photographer. I do it with your heart and let each image a part of my being. I will be who fill you with beautiful memories and immortalize one of the most important moments of their lives.
I am a firm believer that training and study are essential for progress and professional growth. That’s why I regularly perfected through Workshops with national and international photographers, workshops aimed, books, etc. Every day I learn something new.
Whenever I look back, I see my progress and that pleased me a lot. Pursue clear objectives, although difficult to achieve, but will do everything possible and impossible to achieve.
As I work, I enjoy it. I will move to and fro, seeking the best angle to capture that tear shed of sheer excitement and happiness that embrace the soul, that subtle touch, that look, that unique and unrepeatable moment that will last in an image to relive it all the days of our life.
I am willing to guide them in whatever they need for the wedding to be perfect for you. I’ll be in the smallest details, yet I’ll let you be yourself for natural and spontaneous photographs.
Each pair has a different story, and it’s a challenge to know tell. That motivates me.


MAIL: contacto@matiassalas.com
TEL: (0263) 15 45 99808
Mendoza, Argentina